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Welcome to the ErO's Website. ErO went through a lot and was shut down. ErO died due to lack of active members and the game we all played has been shut down. ErO was once a great clan of 60 active members, we had the best Shivtr website in the RC community, but all great things come to an end. This is a historical website for ErO so feel free to search around. There is a small community of old members who still hop on once and a wile just to see what is happening and to chat.

- ErO High Council
Hello {ErO} members. It is a sad day for The Elite Republic Ops. We have fallen and are beat. The killer, inactivity. It has taken down a lot of clans and I am sorry to inform you that it has taken it toll on {ErO} and we have broken. Because there are only 5 active members at maximum, we will be changing the site to a history page for {ErO}. as for PlanetSide 2 I have an outfit started representing TAG. It is called TAG Action Gaming and the tags are [TAGp] (TAG Action Gaming PlanetSide2). All {ErO} members who played in the 74th Co. outfit will now be transferred to [TAGp]. [TAGp] will be doing joint operations with the [74th] and [ARC]. Good luck soldiers, you that are still active have served your clan well. Helix out.