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Welcome soldier. A new Era has begun, the Elite Republic Army has been born. We are a militaristic gaming clan that plays Star Wars Republic Commando and PlanetSide 2. We are casual gamers but we do play scrims, tournaments and commence joint operations with other clans. If you would like to join us, take a look at our rules and submit an application form. For more details about the application process, view the application form.

- Era High Council
by =]£rα[=Hêlïx[Gén]™ on Apr 01, 2014 at 09:44 AM
Hello =]Era[= members. It is a sad day for The Elite Republic Army. We have fallen and are beat. The killer, inactivity. It has taken down a lot of clans I am sorry to inform you that it has taken it toll on =]Era[= and we have broken. Because there are only 5 active members at maximum, we will be changing the site to a history page for =]Era[=. All Era members are open to join new clans for SWRC if they want, I joined TAG. as for PlanetSide 2 I have an outfit started representing TAG. It is called TAG Action Gaming and the tags are [TAGp] (TAG Action Gaming PlanetSide2). All =]Era[= members who played in the 74th Co. outfit will now be transferred to [TAGp]. [TAGp] will be doing joint operations with the [74th] and [ARC]. IF you have a problem with my decision, you had better respond ASAP or there will be no going back. No one showed for the clan meeting except for Thermador. He agreed with my ideas and that is what I am going to do unless I get major hell brought onto me by the remaining =]Era[= members. This is you last chance. Helix out.

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